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What is a Crowd funding MLM plan ?
In current days crowd funding networking plans is very popular, in such type of plan we set a agenda or gaol then we try to complete the goal. The goal may be financial freedom for the peoples. All members who join the campaign to achieve settled goal and contribute some amount of money for a particular campaign when a member sponsored any people he get some amount as commission. This type of plan can be run by a NGO’s , Private societies of peoples with our user friendly software.
Feature :
We have a full featured Crowd funding networking software at a very effective cost. Features of our Crowd funding mlm software
  • 1. Free registration.
  • 2. Member can pay by different type of medias using domestic money remittance (DMR) Service.
  • 3. Paytm Support.
  • 4. Tez Supportable.
  • 5. BHIM Supportable.
  • 6. Valid payment verification process.
Some popular plans for crowd funding are
  • 1. Charity based Networking Plan
  • 2. Financial Freedom Crowd funding MLM Plan
  • 3. Campaigning and Promotional Crowd funding MLM Plan

Strategies For Successful Delivery

  • Metting
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Quality
  • Growth