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Know about helping plan MLM plan
It is a plan mostlty target a particular category of peoples. It's promotion based financial help for the peoples. All members who join the campaign to achieve settled goal and contribute some amount of money for a particular campaign when a member sponsored any people he get some amount as commission. This type of plan also run by a NGO’s , Private societies of peoples with our user friendly software.
Feature :
We have a full featured Crowd funding networking software at a very effective cost. Features of our Crowd funding mlm software
  • 1. Free registration.
  • 2. Member can pay by different type of medias using domestic money remittance (DMR) Service.
  • 3. Paytm Support.
  • 4. Tez Supportable.
  • 5. BHIM Supportable.
  • 6. Valid payment verification process.
Some popular plans for crowd funding are
  • 1. Charity based Networking Plan
  • 2. Financial Freedom Crowd funding MLM Plan
  • 3. Campaigning and Promotional Crowd funding MLM Plan

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