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Product Based

  • This is a taditional concept of network marketing or direct selling , where company promote a product or more than one products associated in different packages.
  • We manage the all earning concept for team members. earning concept or commision decided by company, for each package.
  • This straitgy of marketing or sales can use binary plan, or uni level plan, or matrix plan
  • Our software manage all the commision of every member with all custom reports

Utility Bill pay and Recharge

  • We have a full functional utility bill pay and recharge system. The Common feature of software are as:
  • Electricity bill payment
  • Recharch Prepaid and Pay Postpaid mobile and telephone bill
  • Recharch all DTH
  • Book Train Ticket and bus ticket.


  • We can use ecommerce cart to sale out the multiple products, system calculate the each member business volume and earning are calculated bases on business volume in a particular cycle.
  • This concept in network marketing known as repurchage plan, You can motivate your customer to purchage different type of product on discounted price.
  • You can agree your new customers to purchage products to inrease your sales

Bloc Chain Crypto Currency

  • This is the new concept of investment. this concept is very popular in across the globe.
  • The market of block chain is growing with a exponential pattern.
  • Create your own crypto coin from the various block chain sevice providers.

Common Features of Software

  • Free Website
  • Admin Panel
  • User Panel
  • Plan Settings
  • Member Registration Free and Paid
  • Back Office Management
  • User Management Roles and Rights
  • KYC Manager
  • Product Management
  • Member fund Wallet System
  • Epin Box
  • Ticket based inegrated support system
  • 30 days Free Support

Strategies For Successful Delivery