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Repurchase plan
In multilevel marketing it is very important to keep in touch every associated member and motivate to use the valuable products repeatedly and every purchase some commission amount generated according to the repurchase plan. Our repurchase MLM Software is full featured with the all reports required to manage sales and stocks. Manage the tax and GST and tax related issues.
Feature :
  • 1. Manage Stocks in main ware house
  • 2. Manage Franchise stocks
  • 3. Billing to Franchise
  • 4. Billing To Customers
  • 5. GST invoice
  • 6. Tax related Reports
  • 7. Well Manage all commissions neat and clean
  • 8. History report
  • 9. Sales report area wise so that we can set our sales goal according sales reports

Strategies For Successful Delivery

  • Metting
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Quality
  • Growth